Ragdoll with Love!

Ragdoll Family is a cattery that brings up kittens with love and care. Our cattery is small and therefore all kittens and adult ragdolls are treated as family members. In our house kittens walk freely and along with our little boy Alexander have our full attention.

Why Choose Us

Our Ragdoll breed comes from all over the world, and our stud Leo comes from Patriarcacats line. We breed ragdolls with passion, focusing on their health, wellbeing and good, docile temperament.

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The picturec do not our lovely ragdolls justice

Kittens Available

We have kittens both pet/ breeder quality. Enquire within.

About us

Our ragdoll cattery consists of Me Kinga, my husband Rafal and our boy's Alexander and Daniel and most importantly of our beloved Ragdolls. We are passionate and devoted cat lover from Cardiff in South Wales. We breed for pleasure and enjoyment as we want to share with other the love, joy and warmth given to us by our beloved ragdolls. Our ragdolls always manage to make our day more amusing and delightful.

"A home without a cat -- and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat -- may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title?"

Mark Twain

Love for all animals seems to be part of our DNA chain and our son develops the same love and care that we share for our ragdolls. In our house the atmosphere is always cheerful and noisy. Our son Alexander fell for ragdoll cats and plays with them all the time. He loves looking after them and keeping our ragdoll family busy. There are no dull days in our lives.
In our ragdoll cattery we make sure that all kittens are well socialised and used to all indoor noises. Our son makes sure that kittens are used to being around children. Our ragdolls are born and raised indoors; they play with us and often sleep with us if they feel like it and go to the garden only with either myself or my husband.

Our Studs

Patriarca lister
Patriarca purrect pogo x s*louisedolls buf beauty
Seal Lynx colour point (RAG n 21)
D.O.B 25.03.2011

Leo Ragdoll

LEO came to us all the way from Spain. He was bred by the late Paricica Ann Browsell (who was the first person to bring ragdolls to UK and possibly Europe). He is a true credit to us. Leo is lovely, big and strong. He is a lovely stud. He's caring and has a great personality. He understands every single word you say to him. Leo is a seal tabby point carrying chocolate and blue. I feel very proud that we were able to take Leo to us. Thank you Wendy for making this possible.

Snowymountain Choklat Cooky
Kiwimagic Palace Prince Arnie x CH Ragapus Palace Krissy
Seal bi colour (RAG n 03)
D.O.B 21.03.2012

Snowymountain Choklat Cooky Ragdoll

Cooky is a boy that gets more beautiful with age. He is big and muscular, has a huge head, big and deep blue eyes, strong chin and a good profile. This boy has a big temper, loves cuddling and is always thirsty for love.

Our Queens

Lady doll Hyacintha
IC Elvis Blue Kiwi's Eulaile x Lady doll Viviana
Seal bi colour (RAG n 03)
D.O.B 13.05.2012

Hyacintha Ragdoll

We are proud to introduce this lovely girl Hyacintha. She is very lovable and cute. She loves to play with our son and when tired she likes to spend most of her time sleeping on somebody's lap. Hyacintha came to us from Ladydoll cattery and we are very thankful to Stefan for her as she is a great addition to our family. She is seal bi colour and has a long fluffy and silky coat. Her body built is strong and she has nicely shaped head.

Ragdollfamily Gaja
Patriarca Lister x Poppylove Franca Fashion
Lilac colour point (RAG c)
D.O.B 26.01.2013

Gaja Ragdoll

Gaja is the first girl born in my cattery that I decided to keep. Her parents are Leo and Franka. She is a gorgeous female with very good profile, wonderful proportions and strong body. Gaja is a great companion and playmate to our son.

Lutraragdolls Mia Bluedolly
Simon Ameleony x Lutraragdolls Fauna Zelda
Blue mitted (RAG a 04)
D.O.B 01.08.2013

Mia Ragdoll

Mia is a lovely girl, she's absolutely adorable one of a kind. Loves the company of people and is always the first one to approach a guest in our house. Loves to play and cuddles. Very big and strong with very fluffy, soft coat she looks like a proper fur ball.

Ragdollfamily Ivy
Patriarca Lister x Poppylove Franca Fashion
Lilac lynx colour point (RAG c 21)
D.O.B 23.08.2013

Ivy Ragdoll

D.O.B 23.08.2013 Ivy is a beautiful, big and massive girl, bred by us. She has fantastic head and good profile. She is very lovely, purring cat with great temperament. I love her fur - it is very silky - bunny like and it never causes any problems.

Our Kittens

Ragdolls are one of the most extraordinary and by far the moss docile and sweet of the breed.
Ragdolls are relatively young breed as there were only created in 1963 by Ann Baker in America.
Ragdolls are often described as dogs in cat’s body, as they are very loyal and loving.

They love the company of people and are very playful. Ragdolls love every person that comes to them therefore Ragdolls must not be let outside on their own as they can easily be taken by someone. The Ragdoll cat is a perfect companion for children as it is very docile.

Please supervise the playing time with the children, at least at the start, and even more so if the children are very small (all small kids are fascinated by cat's tails....)
Children usually adore animals, and if put in the right direction will do anything to be able to share playtime with their new friend.
Ragdolls are very intelligent can easily be trained. Ragdolls will easily see when you’re sad, happy or sick and they do respond very much like humans. They need a lot of love and cuddles.
Ragdolls have semi long hair and very silky, fluffy coat. They need to be brushed about once a week (ideally 2-3 times a week), which they enjoy very much.
Ragdolls are indoor cats; they lack self-protective skill to be able to survive outside as they can easily be attacked by other cats or other animals. If hurt or afraid a ragdoll will ‘play’ dead rather than fight back.
If you’re looking for a gentle, affectionate cat that will greet you at the door ragdolls are the perfect choice.


  • Beautiful blue eyes

Coat Patterns

  • Bicolor (an upside-down v in the face)
  • Colour point (dark feet, tail and head with a lighter body) and
  • Mitted (white feet further like a point)



All above patters can come in following colours

  • seal (dark brown, almost black)
  • blue (grey)
  • chocolate (warm brown)
  • lilac (soft grey)
  • cream
  • red

With all these variations there can be a lynx/tabby pattern. You see by the ear white edges and in the colours are stripes.
 You also see tortie. These are spots in the combination red colour/regular colour, for example red/seal and cream/blue. These spots can occur in any pattern. There is also torbie. These are torties with a lynx/tabby pattern added.   The last one is silver/smoke. Here the hair is only coloured at the end.

Ragdoll Kittens Policy

We put lots of love into our kittens; we spend hours looking after them, making sure that they have all that they need.  We cuddle them, play with tem therefore we want to make sure that our kittens are going to the right people and for the right reasons.

Most of our kittens are for pet homes and will be neutered before they leave to live with their new owners.
If a kitten stands out of the rest and we feel that has show and breeding potential we will consider letting go to a registered breeder or we will keep it to stay with us.  Not all kittens are suitable to be bred from; they need to meet a number of criteria before we decide that it has such potential.
We are very careful to whom we sell a kitten with breeding and show potential, as we want to make sure that our kitten will not be kept in cages.

If you’re interested in becoming a breeder please contact me and we can discuss it.
We breed only indoor kittens and we are not prepared to sell a kitten to a home where it will be on its own all day without any companion or to a home where it will be allowed to leave the house without supervision.
Please remember each cat has its own personality just like humans, and not every cat is suitable for every person. A quite cat that like to cuddle and sit on your lap will not suit a person that is energetic and likes to play rather than sit. Therefore please contact me and we can decide what you needs are and find the most suitable kitten for you.

Assessment:      Kitten is been assessed for show/breed potential, please do e-mail as these kittens can become available at a later date.
Available:           Kitten is available for adoption.
On Hold:             Interest has been shown but no deposit given yet.
Reserved:           Deposit received. But please keep checking the website as peoples circumstances change sometimes
Sold:                    Kitten gone to his/her new home.

In order to secure a kitten you will be asked to pay a holding deposit of £150. This holding deposit is taken in good faith and is non-refundable unless for any reason we are no longer willing or able to sell the kitten, in which case it will either be refunded in full or if appropriate, an alternative kitten will be offered if one is available.


Kitten contact: Terms and conditions
Our kittens will be registered with either TICA or GCCF.

  • All our kittens are going to their new homes with:
  • All up to date vaccinations and vet checks
  • Fully little trained and weaned
  • Wormed and flea treated
  • Four generation pedigree
  • A copy of you Kitten agreement
  • Pet Plan insurance cover for 4 weeks
  • Kitten Care sheet and advice sheets
  • Kitten pack
  • Change of ownership signed on the day



"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.".

Garden of England Cat Club

"We are member of The Garden of England Cat Club".